The Long Island Food Conference (formerly known as the LI Food Summit) is an on-going effort to cultivate active community support of sustainable local agriculture.

About the Small Farm Summit:

The first Small Farm Summit was held at SUNY Old Westbury College on April 14, 2011.  It featured a full day of educational discussions and networking opportunities aimed at building community awareness and facilitating positive environmental action. We partnered with residents, businesses, municipalities, schools, religious entities, and civic associations to support sustainable efforts in local food productions, farmland preservation, food waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, and agricultural education.


Our two-year objectives are as follows:

  1. Increase awareness of both organic and conventional agricultural efforts in our community and encourage interest in local food sources including CSA, retail markets, farm stands, and restaurants.
  2. Educate the community on the skills and resources needed to grow healthy fruits and vegetables on small farms as well as in the home, school, and community gardens.
  3. Advocate for legislative initiatives that protect agricultural land and promote sustainable farming.
  4. Support efforts to make local food affordable and available to hunger action organizations, schools, and hospitals.

Who Should Attend the Summit

Educators, Farmers, Parents, Municipalities, Restaurant owners, Chefs, Land Trusts, Not-for-Profits, Community Leaders, and Concerned Citizens.

Why You Should Attend the Summit

Nutritious food from local, fertile farms is important to the vitality of our community. By choosing to eat locally, individuals can bolster the local economy and can help preserve agricultural land in the Long Island/NYC foodshed. This conference is an opportunity to share your knowledge and to network with others.