The 2018 Food Conference at LIU Post will feature panel discussions on Food Policy, Food and Climate Change, Food as Medicine and Growing Food.

Food Policy Panel

This panel provides an overview of food policy on the federal, state and local level with an emphasis on programs that ensure the availability of safe, fresh, nutritious, and affordable food for Long Islanders. Panelist will delve into the need for a National Food Policy and explain the impact of and proposed changes to the Federal Farm Bill. They will address the need for more healthy local food, more farmers and more land devoted to agricultural purposes.  They will also emphasize the need for activism in ensuring that our elected officials are held accountable for their votes when it comes to food-related issues such as immigration, subsidies, food security and food justice.

Panel Moderator: Lisa Ott, President & CEO of North Shore Land Alliance.


  • Tom Colicchio, Chef and Owner of Crafted Hospitality
  • Caitlin Hodgkins, Policy Advisor to Congressman James P. McGovern
    (D-MA), Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee’s Nutrition Subcommittee
  • Michal Harrison, Axcelsior LLC President
  • Karen Washington, Community Activist, Gardener and Farmer

Food and Climate Change Panel

The food and climate change panel will address the impacts of our food system on Climate Change and, conversely, the impacts of Climate Change on our food system. The panel is comprised of three experts who will highlight the problems including soil erosion, extreme storms, flooding and drought, and land conversion. They will also present solutions like building better soil, promoting local and organic agriculture, growing native plants, protecting water resources, and reducing one’s own carbon footprint along the way.

Together the panel will address an array of social, economic and environmental issues which overlap in fields of agriculture, natural resource conservation, and food waste management. Food systems account for roughly one quarter of all man-made greenhouse gases. That’s more than the entire transportation sector, more than industrial practices and roughly the same as the production of electricity and heat. Thus we have a tremendous opportunity to meet this challenge by fundamentally transforming our food economy in New York State and around the globe.

Panel Moderator: Laura Luciano, Slow Food New York State Governor


  • Mike Hoffmann, Executive Director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions
  • Andrianna Natsoulas, Executive Director, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY)
  • Tristram Stuart, International award-winning author, Speaker, Campaigner and Expert on the Environmental and Social Impacts of Food Waste

Food as Medicine Panel

In our fast paced world, with the Internet at our fingertips, it is challenging to cipher through the myriad of diets out there, and to know which one is best for our health. This panel brings together experts in their field, to explore some of the different approaches in using Food as Medicine. Each panelist will discuss their expertise, share the science behind their approach, and talk about the commonality of starting with pure, unadulterated, real food!

Panel Moderator: Bhavani Jaroff, M.Ed.- Natural Food Chef & Founder; iEat Green, LLC


  • Dr. Robert Graham –  MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP, Chef; Co-founder of FRESH Med, an integrative health and wellness center.
  • Ellen Kamhi – PhD, RN, AHG(RH), AHN-BC; The Natural Nurse, specializing in Botanical Pharmacology
  • Sally Fallon Morell – Founder of the Weston Price Foundation

Growing Food Panel

This panel will explore some of the contemporary approaches being employed to supply our community with fresh locally grown food. Panelists will present cutting edge information on the successes and challenges of community gardens, large scale community supported agriculture, high-tech vertical farming, and efforts to protect the fragile fishing ecosystem around Long Island.

Panel Moderator:  Heather Forest, Fox Hollow Farm


  • Michael Doall – Senior Research Support Specialist, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stonybrook University
  • Fred Lee – Sang Lee Farms
  • Stefan Oberman – Innovation & Public-Private Partnerships Manager, AeroFarms
  • Frances Whittelsey – Journalist, Community Garden Organizer, Social Justice Worker